Evora Portugal

Our hotel in Evora the M'ar de Ar Aqueduto overlooked the Agua de Prata Aqueduct, a luxury hotel in a converted 16th Century Chapel. The Aqua de Prata built back in the 16th century  provided clean drinking water to Evora by connecting the city to the nearest constant flowing river, 9km to the north. The … Continue reading Evora Portugal

Peso da Régua and our quest to buy a jumper

A couple of days before we had berthed at  Peso da Regua around 6pm so those that wanted could  visi the Douro Museum. Muriel and I had decided not to visit.  It had been touch and go whether we would get their in time for the tour.  Also it was freezing and staying on the … Continue reading Peso da Régua and our quest to buy a jumper

Les Andelys – Water into Wine?

Legend has it, that the workers who were digging the foundations for the Abbey  Of Sainte Clotilde complained they had nothing to drink.  The Queen prayed for water to be turned into wine, the Fountain of Sainte Clotilde flowed with wine.   Apparently, this "miracle" has never happened again.  I can understand that as I … Continue reading Les Andelys – Water into Wine?

Les Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse

Our next stop would be the famous Les Halles de Lyon - the food market. In 1859 Lyon  opened its doors to its first food market in a large metallic structure located at Place Cordeliers in the centre of the city known as the “Presqu’ile”.  100 years later they built a new market to represent their … Continue reading Les Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse

Abbaye of Collonges – Paul Bocuse

  When I heard the news of the passing of Paul Bocuse  back in January, I was deeply saddened.  We had an amazing night of food, fun, laughter and a very good show at the Abbaye of Collonges in August last year. Paul Bocuse was an amazing French Chef who will always be famous for … Continue reading Abbaye of Collonges – Paul Bocuse


After we had some wine and the frogs legs our guide would be taking us on a walking tour through this delightful town.  We needed to walk off all the wine that comes flowing with these tastings.  Our walk took us around an hour.  We wandered around the little cobblestone streets going through "secrect" walkways … Continue reading Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne

Frogs and Snails and puppy dog tails

Today we would be taking a tour into the Dombes region to visit the picturesque town of Chatillon sur Chalaronne where we will have the opportunity to taste the regional specialty of frog's legs and visit a snail farm. Now I have had snails on many occasions.  I love them especially done in a garlicky … Continue reading Frogs and Snails and puppy dog tails

Can you really be lost in Paris?

Its hard to believe that this post was back in 2016!  Musee Carnavalet is still closed and the website says it will be closed until the end of 2019.  Renovations must be taking longer than anticipated.   After our amazing visit to the Louvre in the morning we decided we would catch a taxi back … Continue reading Can you really be lost in Paris?