Claude Monet’s Garden

Claude Monet’s garden and house is in Giverny Normandy.  We have all seen the photos of the garden on the internet, Museums. To actually be there and see all the different colors and flowers is one of the greatest things anyone can do.  At the previous post I said I wasn’t into flower arranging but that all changed when I saw the beauty of these gardens. I was also unaware that the gardens consist of two different types of gardens.  The one out the front of the home called Clos Normand and the water garden which is Japanese inspired.

As we first approached the gardens we were taken through a walkway that was surrounded by bamboo and a bubbling creek.  We wandered along this path for what seemed ages. So much beauty.


Water garden with bamboo forest

Then  magically the bubbling water opened up to an amazing huge lake filled with water lilies and surrounded by so many different types of flowers.


The water garden which has inspired many a painting


stunning water lilies

It was summer and the gardens were crowded yet you felt as if you were there alone with the beauty.  A place where time can stand still.


Claude Monet’s Garden and his house



Inspiration for Monet’s art



Two Sisters  Muriel with the hat — Bree with the sunglasses we were on the famous bridge…See our smiles!



Amazing colors




stunning colors

Monet didn’t like organized gardens or constrained gardens. He married flowers by the color and let them grow freely.  As you walked around the gardens in front of the house, there were black, purple, orange, yellow, red, pink flowers.  Stunning, brilliant, gorgeous are some of the words that describe what we saw that day.

I must go back one day in spring to see the bridge covered in wisteria.


*I will do a seperate post on his home and the town of Giverny*



*More photos will soon be on 3sistersabroad





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