Emergency department at the hospital

Hello Everyone

Yesterday I saw my doctor who agreed with me that I should head to the ED.  He wrote a letter for me to take along with all my details of my MRI and X-ray.

Arrived there today at 12 ish…wheelchair went to the triage who gave me some great pain killers.  I was only sitting in the ED for less than 10 minutes when I was wheeled in to be looked at.  I was home by 2pm.

Crutches, pain killers, toilet seat so I can sit easily and a really good splint that I must wear day and night.  I will see the surgeon next week at the clinic at the hospital.

The nurse that took me in knew my pain as she has had 2 ACL’s and fracture.  She is a professional soccer player.  It was nice when someone understands the pain you’re in.

I actually think out of all of this that my pain level is quite high.

Anyway I will have plenty of time to write on the blog and do some posts that I have been nominated for.  I have also been asked to write a couple of posts on other blogs re chronic illness/pain and traveling.


Thought I had better keep you all posted.


Bree (the youngest sister)


5 thoughts on “Emergency department at the hospital

  1. So glad you’re on your way to good treatment, Bree! Just thought I’d mention – have you taken a look at any Facebook groups whose members are dealing with chronic pain of all sorts? There are quite a few. You might even find one that ‘specializes’ in your particular ailment. Such groups are great for mutual support. ❤

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