In flight vegetarian meals!

We left Perth on time and Muriel and I got settled in and began watching the huge amount of movies that were on offer with Emirates.

I had ordered vegetarian meals for my flight as they were not able to offer fish free meals.  My first meal came and all I can say it was horrid.  Somehow they got confused and had put me on a strict vegan.  I couldn’t eat it.  I have cooked vegetarian and also eaten vegan meals and they have been yummy.

I did go down to the galley and asked if they had any leftover meals I would love it.  Explained to them of my fish allergy.

Within minutes I had a lovely chicken meal that any one eating paleo or clean eating would have loved.

They also said they will let the next leg – flight and return flights to Australia to change it to a standard meal.

The wine was lovely 🙂

The Wine

The Wine


So our first stop would be Dubai.  That’s  a post in itself.

5 thoughts on “In flight vegetarian meals!

  1. Whew! Nice that you were able to get a decent meal after all! BTW, when you say “go down to the galley, was it a double-decker plane? the newest Airbus perhaps?? If so – you lucky dogs! 😀 Were you flying Emirates, or Qantas, or what?

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