Dubai Airport

Our first stop was Dubai.  We arrived there about 2.30 am.  We thought we had found our gate to catch the flight to Nice. However, discovered that in Dubai they do things just a little bit different.

As we walked trying to find a cafe etc we discovered we had to go through a customs, passport check.

Finally we were through and could then get ourselves a cuppa, something to eat perhaps.

Don’t laugh for those who know me but we decided on Macdonald’s.  They had a Mcafe so we found a seat and I went up and ordered 2 large flat whites.  It was $25 UAE for the 2 or $11.25  Not that expensive lol although I had a mild heart thumping when I saw the $25 go up on the till.  The coffee was lovely.


As anywhere in the world at airports you chat to the people sitting next to you.  A family of 4 were on their way to Ireland to see the grandparents. They were from Australia, they had landed not long before us.  They were from Sydney.

We then wandered around looked in the Duty Free shops.  Lots of lovely things to buy however both of us couldn’t be bothered buying anything.

Eventually we went to our departure lounge.  Again we had to go through a check in system.

The airport is having lots of building going on, so you can imagine how crazy it all was.  Dubai is a  very busy airport, but will be honest I much preferred Changi Airport.  Much cleaner and they had an awesome transit lounge.

So back onto the next flight and onwards to Nice!

I was looking forward to watching some more movies and fingers crossed some sleep.  Didn’t want to get to Nice and be that tired that we would waste the afternoon.

France here we come!  It’s scary because you want to get there, but you know that it goes too quickly and before you blink your home and the holiday is but a memory.






10 thoughts on “Dubai Airport

  1. We were just at Changi 2 weeks ago and I must admit after visiting 20 years ago, Singapore airport does give other world airports a run for their money. With current renovations for another 2 terminals, Changi airport is pretty special.
    Look forward to reading your French posts Bree. X

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  2. So… your piece covers the Dubai airport, then you’re looking forward to Nice and then – all too quick – back home! That was a fast vacation indeed, if only in your head! 😀 😀 Kind of runs like those old sped-up silent movies, right? Lol! BTW, I think $11.25 is an awful lot for two lattes, but that’s just me. 😀
    Bree, all kidding aside, I hope you have a marvelous time in Nice and wherever else you plan to hop to!! Be happy, be safe! Chat later! xox

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    • exactly…sadly the trip is already over. I write about the holiday after the event. I only take my phone with me on holidays and with my big fat stubby fingers I find writing blogs all too hard on the phone. yes $11.25 is way too expensive, however it was the cheapest to be had and we were able to have a seat.

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