Moving House



In a week the truck comes to pick up all the furniture.  We are moving so I just wanted to let all my readers know why I am not commentating much on your posts.

Once the truck comes then it’s the big clean then its the big drive to where we are moving. Its going to be lovely down where we are going.

To the seaside.  Oh I do love to be beside the seaside.

For those who are looking at a map of Victoria, its down by the Peninsular.  We have a bay on one side and the ocean on the other!

I hate moving.  I have moved so much.  I was born and grew up in Western Australia.  I lived there for a number of years.  Then I moved to Victoria.  Lived in a few homes then I moved up to Qld. I lived in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba,  then Cairns.  Then drove across Australia up to Darwin down the Coast of Western Australia back to Perth.  We took 2 weeks to do that trip.

One of the most amazing things I did was to fly over the Bungle Bungles.

Lived in Perth for a couple of years .  Then moved back to Victoria.  I have been living here in Victoria for 7 and half years.  In that time I have lived in 5 places, 3 of them in the country.  This move will be my 6th.  Its back to the suburbs closer to the hospitals.  Although where we are moving to is like a country town.  During the summer months its very busy with holiday makers.

You would think I am used to it.   Moving is very stressful and when you have chronic illness’ it makes it even harder.

Thank you for following 3 sisters abroad.  Without you, our followers, I would be talking to myself.  If anyone wants to come and help that would be wonderful.  Kidding.

My back is giving me warning signs so I am constantly heating up the heat pack and that’s when I am able to browse the reader and comment and like.  Yes the back is doing its twinge right now.

Looking forward to getting back into reading all your posts  and the big Trip to France in August!!



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