Mobile phone panic!

Have you ever misplaced your mobile phone? The panic that goes with that? Well I did yesterday.  We took the girls – dogs for a walk.  Usually I take a small back pack that I put my phone in along with asthma pump, dog bags etc.

Yesterday as it was cold I had several layers, gloves, etc and I had my phone in my pocket.  I had left the back pack at home.

We got home from our walk, I made breakfast then I went to check my phone as we had some items for sale on some facebook groups.

HORROR – I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I checked the house from top to bottom.  Went over my walk several times.  I even enlisted some children in the street to look for it.

My heart was racing, I was in this horror world I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

This took 2 hours – 2 hours I will never get back!

I came home dejected thinking I should then call my phone provider.  I had a thought, what did I do when I came home from the walk.  I remember taking something out of the freezer for Sunday dinner.  I opened the laundry door and stood there for a few minutes then my eyes went down to something on the side of the freezer.

It was black, it was my phone!  The clip had a magnet on it and it was hanging there on the side of the freezer.

What a relief.

So this week I am buying a hot pink cover for my phone.  Easier to see and  also don’t have phone in the pocket as its easier to fall out. Oh I did go and tell the kids I had found the phone.  Left out the bit where I found it 🙂

Have you ever misplaced your phone?



23 thoughts on “Mobile phone panic!

  1. Oh yep was nodding along with this post Bree….! Glad you found it but it is horrid. Mine has been playing up for weeks and I still haven’t managed to get in to check it out at a Telstra shop………if it dies completely I will be feeling the same as you were

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  2. Yikes, what a scare! Glad you found it! It’s actually a good reminder to back up our phone contents on the computer periodically. My iPhone seems to do it automatically on iTunes whenever my phone is connected to my computer.

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  3. I could relate as I just got a new phone and case. My old phone case is orange in colour and my new phone case is grey. Guess what! When I looked for my phone, I was still looking for an orange case and could not find it, even though my phone was just right in front of me.

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