MRI’s and Rouge Lipstick


You might ask why MRI’s and ruby-red lipstick!

…I dislike MRI’s, I recently had to have one on my hip.  I have been “complaining” of pain for a long time now in my hip area.  My osteopath would do dry needling and cupping and it helped to a point. I had to stop swimming well-doing breaststroke as that aggravated it.  I would often say it felt like my leg and hip had become separated.  Often walking with a limp.  I was beginning to think it was all in my mind.

My rheumatologist had already diagnosed osteoporosis  in my hands and wrists via an X-ray.  So she organized an MRI on my right hip.  She thought it was bursitis but wanted to make 100% sure.

I have had a few MRI’s now.  Should be getting used to them.  I dislike the dye but at least I have no reaction as I do when I have a cat scan with the dye.  Hence why I now have MRI’s.


The latest was in one of the newest machines.  Still a tunnel but much wider and less of a claustrophobic feel.  They did ask if i wanted twilight sedation to which I said no i will take what my doctor has given me.

The first 5 mins seemed like a lifetime, then they came in and moved me over a bit more so they could get better pictures of the hip.  The next 25 mins went by so quick.  Maybe the soothing music  or was it the medication  from my doctors or a combination of the two, perhaps I went to sleep.  There was the usual blue sky on the ceiling with gorgeous flowers and trees.  I would look at that and think back to our holiday last year. Perhaps they need to have a Television so we can watch something anything. I would even watch The Bold and the Beautiful or Home and Away. (Australian soapy)

I had an appointment with the Rheumatologist in an hour so I went down to the hospital cafe and ordered a tea.

A question I need to ask and if anyone can answer me that would be great.  Why do theater staff wear their scrubs into the cafe?   Isn’t that a bit contradictory ?

.  I then went to see my dr.  She is so lovely and caring and likes to hear how you’re doing.  She gave the wonderful news that my right hip is pretty stuffed.  Yes its pretty and its stuffed.  If it was a vase with flowers the water would leak and the flowers would die.  The muscles have withered away that holds it in place, the cartilage is non-existent and I also have osteoporosis or was it osteoarthritis …I will find out when i get to my doctors for a follow-up.  Going to have to organize physiotherapist to help with exercise.  Increase the pain killers.

With that news I went and got on the tram and went into the city.  I was given a Myer gift card for my birthday so I went in to see what I could get.  Myer’s is a huge department store here in Australia. I wandered around wondering what I could purchase. Looked at some shoes $700 no I do not think so.  Chatted to a lady from Western Australia, she too had a voucher and was wondering what to purchase.  I then thought oooo maybe I can get the lippy that Paula had in Europe last year.  The lady from WA and I headed to the ground floor where all the makeup is.

Red Lipstick!  A few quick text messages to Paula to ask her what the number was on the Channel Lipstick of hers I used on the cruise. If you look back in the posts there is a blog post on that lipstick!

So that was my day.  MRI’s and Red Lipstick!

This new label will not stop me traveling and enjoying my life as much as I can.   It’s a label we know what it is now.  We can work on it.  All the while I will be wearing the Rouge Lipstick !



23 thoughts on “MRI’s and Rouge Lipstick

  1. What, you didn’t buy the $700 shoes? Haha, just kidding! Just wanted to pop by and thank you for your visit to my blog… and your MRI title caught my eye, because I too did a post some time back about an MRI (the first of many over the years, as it turned out!) I had. I loved this post – you might like mine too, so here’s the link:
    Take care! xo

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  2. Delightful post! I was half afraid that you were going to write that the MRI tried to pull your lips off because of some sort of metal in the lipstick. I have no idea if that’s possible or not, but I could picture a cartoon of the patient’s huge lips kissing the machine. I know – in real life it would not be funny.
    As for your other question about staff wearing OR garb in the cafeteria, it could be that they will put the sterile one over theirs when they get into the OR.
    You might want to consider taking magnesium. My neurologist put me on Mg for seizure management. I was surprised how much it helped everything in my body! I looked it up since he didn’t say how much to take. Two points I wished I had known while I was working are that a serum blood level will not give a true picture of your Mg level, and if your potassium is low, chances are good your Mg level is also. I no longer have pain 24/7, but I still get some hip and back pain. There are several drawbacks to taking Mg, but it’s worth it in my opinion.

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    • I was laughing when I read your comments about the cartoon…I could actually see that also. I know its not funny but it is kinda. I find magnesium taken via internally sends me running to the toilet lol.. so I use magnesium oil on my body. I have a magnesium face cream, and body oil that I use. Since using it this way my levels are good and no more running.


  3. What an amazing post. I loved the update. I’m sorry your hip is bad and you will have to make some adjustments but I love how brave and positive you are. You will be fine. I bet you look gorgeous wearing red lipstick. It’s my favorite!! Sending hugs!


  4. Urge! Hate MRI’s, I had a second one on my brain last week, hubby always jokes that they’re just searching for it 😜 Red lippy makes a lot of things better though, take care and I hope they can get you some relief now they’ve identified the issue x

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