Whats in the suitcase?




Hello everyone, hope your well today.  It’s a bit warm here in Australia, we are expecting 41 deg cel today, so I am already under the air-conditioner . Turned it on at 8am!

I forgot to mention that I also had in my backpack a hooded raincoat, that I had folded neatly at the bottom of the main part of my backpack.


Now to the suitcase!

I had changed my diet to help my auto immune conditions and I had gone down a couple of dress sizes.  So I had to go shopping for new clothes.  I normally hate shopping, it fills me with dread.  I did a lot of research into what others had found worked best while traveling.

So I started the shopping at the end of summer sales.  I purchased some nice black culottes x 2 for a bargain of $10 each.  A couple of lovely tops, also only $10.  Bargains!  I thought these would be good for the evening on the cruise.  A nice pair of sandals, black pants and top and a scarf.  These worked really well.  They rolled well also.  Once on the ship I hung everything up in the wardrobe.

What was I going to wear during the day on the tours and busses.  I am not a “dress” person.  Paula loves skirts and that’s what she had.  Easy care clothes are the best! Both Muriel and Paula had easy care.  I had to get mine.

I found a blogger that traveled with bamboo clothes, so I did some more research and found a store in Albury New South Wales, the Ecco Store.  They had a lot of clothes that were 90% bamboo.   So I purchased 4 t/shirts, Red, Pink, Black and White and 3 pairs of their bamboo beach pants in black, navy blue and latte (love coffee haha) I also bought a pair of the shorts and took them, but never wore them.

It said on the website that they were antibacterial and easy care!Great for travelling!
No need to iron!

What  excited me was the claim “no need to iron”.  I hate ironing with a passion and if I can find easy care clothes I’m there!  On the cruise if we wanted anything ironed then we had to send to the laundry.

The pants and tops were amazing.  Even on hot days they kept me cool.  Since then I have worn them on cold days and yes they keep you warm as well.  Very impressed!  So comfortable, I have to look down to make sure I have them on. lol

I had several scarfs, they take up very little room and can make an outfit dressy or casual. Plus, if you spill food it 99% falls onto the scarf.  Easy to wash, easy to dry! They are great to wrap over the shoulders if it’s a bit cool.  For the times it might rain, drape over the hair!  Love scarfs. Oh and they are small so you can fold neatly into your bag.  Versatile!

I also took a couple of cardigans, one blue and one white.  Next trip I will just take one as most of the time in the evening we are on board the cruise ship and it’s not needed.

I did throw in at the last-minute a couple of other tops for either evening or day, however even though I wore them they were really not needed.

I also had a microfiber towel, purchased from Katmandu Stores here in Australia. Bargain, it’s normally $30, I got it for $15.

A pair of pink converse for the day for the rain days or the days where there is lots of walking.  Pair of sandals for the hot days and no rain.  1 pair of dress thongs for the evenings.  I did buy a pair of sketches for the plane but I didn’t like them and wont take them again. Actually the new puppy has made sure I wont be lol.

I also packed a cross body bag.  I had read enough to know that in some areas its wise to keep your bag close to you and a backpack just doesn’t allow this. I put my makeup in the bag and filled it with socks and undies.

I weighed the suitcase it was around 11 kg.  Coming home it was about 16 kilos .  We are only allowed 20 kilos on the cruise. Although the plane we were allowed 35 kg.

Oh a pair of summer  pyjamas.  I also took shampoo and conditioner and body wash in small containers.  A bar of soap to wash the clothes.

Breakdown is a bit like this.

3 x T-shirts – bamboo  (1 was in the backpack for emergency)

3 x trousers – bamboo beach pants

1 x bamboo shorts (not worn)

2 x cullotes

2 x dressy tops

1 pair of pink converse low tops

1 pair of sandals – Tao Brand

1 pair of dressy thongs

1 pair of summer pj’s

4 pairs of socks

Several pairs of underwear and bras.

1 cross body bag. – this was big enough to put my camera, lens, phone, extra camera battery and chip, wallet and numerous other things us women tend to carry around. Plus my puffer and some pain killers.

Several scarfs all different colours and styles

Makeup bag – Lipstick, face powder, extra hand cream.

3 extra summer tops (not needed)

2 cardigans – 1 white and 1 blue

1  lacy black long sleeve blouse –

1 microfiber towel – large

1 pair of bathers


Im pretty sure thats it.

Next trip will be less.

Coming soon some hints and tips.

Those that travel, what do you take.   What are you must have’s?  

Just for a bit of information it reached 41 deg celcius  here where I live. Tomorrow will be the same.  Good on ya summer.










17 thoughts on “Whats in the suitcase?

  1. First off… very cool to read about the bamboo clothing – I didn’t know about that (although… being from Canada… bamboo is not very common. 🙂 ) … Packing light is an art! My wife worked for Air Canada for 17 years so we traveled a fair bit and most often traveled standby. The easiest – when flying standby is to not check luggage (we actually did Australia for 12 days, in 2003 with just carry-on luggage). This is of course easier when visiting warm locations. If you can get in the habit of packing light and traveling only with carry-on… it is just wonderful! You never worry “Did my suitcase make it?” and you aren’t “lugging” a ton.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Haven’t got down to carry on yet. With all my medications that takes up a lot of weight and space . However I follow a blog that does carry on for most of her trips. My sister Paula has done a lot of carry on only when traveling with her hubby. Wow 12 days in Aussie with carry on only. Yes your so right it can be done when going to warmer climates.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I had to be ! I usually throw in my whole wardrobe. Lol 😂. On the cruise 🚢 we were only allowed 20 kilos, so I had to make sure I didn’t go over. Yes bamboo clothing. Does not need ironing! 😁. Cool 😎 in summer and warm in winter .


  2. Hi there! I’ve heard of the clothes you mentioned made from bamboo as well. It is good to know that they actually work well! And it is always fun to know what other travelers pack (it makes me rethink my life decisions at times)! So thank you for sharing! 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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