Packing for a River Cruise In Europe Part 1

Before the 3 of us travelled,  we were in constant contact with each other.  What are you taking, packing, bags, how many tops, makeup were the constant questions?  I was also in constant contact with Lyn my friend who I have known since grade 1  was also coming. Till 7 weeks before we were leaving, … Continue reading Packing for a River Cruise In Europe Part 1

The Longest Flight Home

During the night both Paula and I started feeling sick, in truth we both were feeling crap not long after dinner.  We thought it could have been the wine.  House wine can be like that sometimes.  Then it started.  The pains, the frequent trips to the bathroom.  Lucky Paula had some over the counter meds … Continue reading The Longest Flight Home

Jardin Du Luxembourg & the Pantheon

  Waking up knowing that this would be our last full day in Paris was a bit sad.  We still had lots to see so we had breakfast early and off we went to catch the Green bus.  We would then have to change and catch the Orange bus.  We were heading to Luxembourg to … Continue reading Jardin Du Luxembourg & the Pantheon