German cakes, Art and Tea!

After our visit to Speyer we all boarded the coaches and were taken to local German families for afternoon tea.

We 3 and Denise, Julie and Pit were dropped off at a local German lady by the name of Monica.

Monica prepared a wonderful spread of traditional German cakes and she made 2 of them gluten-free.  I was extremely in awe as I am also gluten free.

Monica is also a local artist and we were lucky enough to be able to take some of her artwork home.

She also made the most amazing peppermint tea which had come straight from her garden.

This was such a special afternoon being able to speak and listen to a local.  Highlight of the day!  The picture behind Monica is one of her many artworks.



4 thoughts on “German cakes, Art and Tea!

  1. As usual i was the disgraced sister,dropped cake on the floor and had to hide it in my handbag.
    Monica was so lovely and so welcoming. One of the highlights (and i didnt mention the war)

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