Are we famous yet?

I am going to get a bit serious here!  When we joined the cruise at Basel, apart from the 3 Sisters and Tania, Peter and Luke, most of the group had already been on a cruise up the Rhone through France.  They had been together for 11 days with the Cruise Director.

Not sure what they thought about us. They didn’t know we were sisters.  I don’t blame them though, the 3 of us look nothing alike.

We would be asked the usual questions, “how long have you all known each other”, “where did you meet” and once we told them since birth, we are sisters, they would then avoid us.  Yes it was weird, but that’s ok we were the new kids on the ship.  One of them also told Luke he shouldn’t be on the cruise.  Snobs!

So right from the start we began to talk about this blog becoming famous and have a movie made about out trip!  We thought that will show them!  This made us laugh so much, and we would walk around with the biggest smiles. We plotted and planned this blog and the movie and who would play our part.

Sandra Bullock to play me.  Paula would have Cate Blanchette (which is her hubby’s fav) and Muriel would be portrayed by Meryl Streep.  Antonio Banderas to play our Captain.

Then I got thinking, we should have Australian Actors play our parts, we are after all Aussie!

So Essie Davis to play my part, if you do not know her she is the wonderful Miss Phryne Fisher, from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries.  Paula wants Jackie Weaver to play her part, so she can finally win an Oscar!  Muriel is still thinking who should play her part.  Tania will get Sigrid Thornton and her hubby Peter will be played by John Walters.  Either Chris or Liam Hemsworth  will play Luke.

So I better keep writing this blog, it’s already been picked up by My Trending Stories, check it out.

Next Hollywood, Broadway…the list will go on.

Maybe the French will make it into a movie too….mmmh who can play me….








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