Córdoba Spain

Arriving into Córdoba we  were advised it would be sightseeing first then taken to our hotel.  The following day we would be leaving around 8.30 am so no chance of seeing anything then.

Our tour guide advised us  there would be a lot of walking and as it had been a long day a couple of our group decided to go to the hotel.  Wasnt the first time she was wrong!  Such a shame as they missed the most amazing place so far we had seen on this trip.

Our Tour guide met our guide for this tour and off we went.  It was as though we were on a walking race trying to keep up was crazy.  Those that didnt come with us would have had trouble keeping up with our guides, we were nearly running.  However, it wasnt a long way just a fast way of getting to the Mosque.


The streets of Cordoba

Colorful streets of Cordoba


Down tiny lanes with white washed buildings and flowers, so many flowers in pots on the walls, the ground around the windows.

Then we entered what would be a place of awe.  The Mosque- Cathedral of Córdoba, also known as the Great Mosque of Córdoba and the Mezquita. This structure is regarded as one of the most accomplished monuments of Moorish architecture. They say a small Visigoth church, the Catholic Basilica of Saint Vincent of Lerins, originally stood on the site.  In 784 And al-Rahman 1 ordered construction of the Great Mosque, which was expanded considerably by later Muslim rulers. Córdoba returned to Christian rule in 1236 and the building was converted to a Catholic church.

The Mosque of Cordoba

The stunning architecture of the Mosque of Cordoba




The Mosque and the Cathedral

Right in the middle of the mosque is the Cathedral.



I will just leave a couple of photos so you can see how stunning it is.  The place was crowded and I could see why.  My mind cant get over the amazing architecture that we were privileged to see.



Mosque of Cordoba




The Cathedral right in the middle of the Mosque



Our guide then took us to one of the most popular tourist streets of Córdoba, the Calleja de Las Flores.  Its a narrow street that ends in a plaza, its on the intersection of Velazquez Bosco.  I have seen so many photos on Instagram since coming back from Spain.

You can see the Mosque peeking through at the end of the street.



We then had 20 minutes to shop.  Who can shop in 20 minutes.  We raced into a store close by and I purchased a T/shirt.  Havent worn it yet as its a bit tight.  A simple fridge magnet would have been better.

We all managed to purchase something in that 20 minutes.  Of course there are always the couple who wait till the last minute to even think about meeting up with our guide.  However they know the guide isnt allowed to leave anyone behind so they get away with it.

Boarded our coach to be taken back to our hotel, the Hospes Palacio del Bailio.  It was built between the 16th and 18th century’s and it is a world heritage culteral site. Underneath is Roman Ruins and you can see these from the main restaurant.

Roman Ruins

Roman Ruins on view under the main restaurant

The floor is made with glass so you can see the ruins.  It was quite strange at breakfast walking across the glass floor.  Once I had eaten I set about taking lots of pictures.  I now wish that the previous night I had taken photos as you could see it so much better in the subdued light.

The hotel was amazing with stunning rooms and a gorgeous courtyard with the outdoor pool.  There was also a pool and spa underground however I didn’t get to see it.

The Hospes Palacio del Bailio

Stunning architecture at the Hospes Palacio del Bailio




After breakfast we would be heading to Madrid via Toledo where we would stop for lunch.  To think our holiday was nearly over.








19 thoughts on “Córdoba Spain

  1. What beautiful photos – and I was always amazed at the Roman ruins lying all over the place in Europe – how advanced they were for their times and how they’ve lingered on for hundreds of years.

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  2. This brings back wonderful memories. Cordoba is one of my favourite cities to visit in Spain. I stayed there for a couple of nights and got to see the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba and other main sights like the Alcazar de Los Reyes Cristianos. Beautiful architecture and rich history in Cordoba. Thank you for sharing your trip and photos. #senisal

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  3. I’ve heard of Córdoba but know very little about the place or what’s there. What a shame some of the group missed out. It does sound like you got a mini workout with that fast-paced walking. I’ll admit my ignorance here as I never knew about the Great Mosque before; what an incredible place, it looks like it just goes on and on and on when you look down it through the archways. That’s a good picture to get a feel for the size.

    I often find the time you get on most tours for your own mooching around or shopping is rather minimal. 20 minutes isn’t long enough to shop. It’s a shame your t-shirt is on the small side but I’m glad you’ve got something as a momento. Who knows, the fridge magnet might have dropped off your fridge and broke (a bit like my mother’s from Salou, she was gutted!)

    What a wonderful trip and a gorgeous piece of history and architecture to look around with the Mosque. Thanks for sharing it with us armchair travellers 🙂

    Caz xx

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    • Thanks Caz it was an amazing place and so huge and so many photos I took which I will gradually put up on Instagram. You know you saying that the fridge magnet broke…well I had one I purchased in Madrid – a flamenco dancer…and one day it just fell and broke. So yes the T-shirt may be small but I can still look at it.Yes this tour was too fast paced. After 11 days relaxing on the ship on the Douro it was just go go on the coach tour for 11 days. Long days in the coach…20 minute pit stops for toilet breaks as they didnt want you using the toilet on the coach. Not sure why they even have one on the coach? Leaving at 830 am and getting into the next place around 5….argh….no wonder we were tired by the time we came home


  4. I agree, Cordoba was your best stop! I live in Spain and have been to most places and Cordoba is the one I was the most amazed by. We only had one full day and a half-day and we walked everywhere and saw everything. it is so easy to get around. We even encountered a religious parade in the evening and we shopped. (My T-shirt is too tight too but the skirt I bought my daughter fits her perfectly!) The Mezquita is amazing!!

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