Two Day Trip to Tallangatta Victoria

A few weeks ago Greg had the weekend off so we decided to hightail it out of Albury and go and stay at the Showgrounds in Tallangatta Victoria. Its only a 30 minute drive there nice and quick. A lot of country towns allow caravans to stay at their showgrounds for a nominal fee. It helps the towns ecomony. It was $20 a night with power although it stated we would have water the ones we found only had power. We found a tap nearby and managed to put enough water in the tank for a couple of showers and to do the dishes. Out toilet has its own water that we fill before we left home.

It was a wet and cold weekend but still lovely to just get away for a couple of days. We didnt arrive until around 4ish. The caretaker comes around about 6pm to collect the money- cash. On arrival we walked the girls around the showgrounds. Some camp spots had glorious views of the Lake Hume however we had none but thats ok as we live nearby and can see it daily if we want. As we were walking around the showgrounds we found The Tallangatta and Districts Astromony Club. As my internet was useless I have since discovered they formed back in 2019 and in 2020 they built the Observatory in 2020. The stargazing is once a month usually on a Friday night. You can also have a private viewing at $50 per person or $100 a family. If your interested they have a facebook page as well.

Your all probably wondering why we choose small trips. We do this as Sally my dog hates car travel she pants and stresses the whole time. I have tried everything to help calm her but nothing completely stops her from worrying. As for Betty she settles down and sleeps most of the trip occasionally sitting up to look out the window as we drive along. Also as we are fairly new to caravanning its good to do short trips to work out what we need etc for when we do get the opportunity to travel for a few weeks/months. If we ever get the chance to go away for a few weeks it will still be short trips every couple of days.

Before we travel I cook up a bit of food so all we need to do is get out the frypan and heat up the food. The first night we played a few games of cards and watched some movies. Then settled in for a good nights sleep.

Betty likes to wake up around 4-5am for an early breakfast and toilet and that does not change while away. So we get up have coffee and then take them for an early morning walk. They both settle down then for another 2-3 hours. Breakfast of bacon and eggs and toast and we go for another long walk to the lake. Then we drove around Tallangatta and did some sightseeing.


Drove up the lookout, for anyone who knows me I hate heights and I think I had my foot on the brake all the way up. However, once up there the view was amazing. Admittedly there was lots of low cloud cover but the view was still worth the drive up there. We could see our caravan at the park, making sure no one took off with it.

Stunning views over Lake Hume from the Tallangatta Lookout.

The view of the Showgrounds Camping. Thats our caravan with the blue tarp over the ball etc.

We stopped in town to get a decent coffee (we have a coffee machine but we leave it at home for these short trips). Chatted to a lovely gentleman outside the bakery. He knew every person by name as they walked into the bakery. Met his wife also after she finished her shopping. He had two cattle dogs which is what started the conversation. He owned a vintage car and he said his dogs love sitting on the leather seats in the back.

His Vintage Car

We asked him where was a pub with a good feed and he laughed and said not in this town. He gave us a few suggestions one was the Eskdale Pub on the way to Mitta Mitta. He wasn’t sure if the new people were still doing decent Parma’s.

Right in the middle of town is a park called Tallangatta Triangle Park.There is a playground for the kids and big kids, a bbq area, toilets, a War Memorial, vintage lampposts. There are huge plane trees that provide shade in the summer months. These were moved from the Old Tallangatta before the town was flooded. I have another post further back all about this.

As it was a miserable day cold and wet we decided we would go for a drive. Our first thought was have lunch at the Eskdale Pub, we had heard that it was supposed to be good. The road was winding through the forrest and as the day was overcast already this road was quite dark with huge drop off’s down into the valleys. Finally got to Eskdale and while Greg walked the girls I went in to check out the menu. It was very basic menu and virtually nothing I could eat. Im gluten free so I didnt want to eat something that would cause me strife. So we had a drink and then made a decision to go onto Mitta Mitta.

Of course I have to take a photo of my wine.

So glad we made that decision the Mitta Mitta – Laural pub is a gastronomic pub and is noted as a foodies place to dine. We ordered too much food and they were lovely and packaged it up what we couldn’t eat and we had it that night for dinner. Most of the menu is GF or they can adjust it and make it gluten free. Quite a few vegetarian dishes as well. I ordered from the Tapas Menu – Crumbed Arancini, Salt and Chili Seasoned Calamari, Pork and Fennel Crocquettes, Popcorn Chicken Bites all gluten free $40 for the 4. Greg ordered a curry which was gluten free also.

I get hungry looking at this picture of the Tapas we ordered.

Gregs Curry – from the blackboard Menu.

Greg had some local beer and I chose local Victorian white wine.

Mitta Mitta derives it’s name from the name local aboriginals gave to the Mitta Mitta River

‘mida-mudunga’ (where reeds grow).

There is a caravan park nearby so perhaps one weekend we will go and stay for a couple of days. Mitta Mitta is at the base of the Great Dividing Range in Northern Victoria. Its situated at the junction of Snowy Creek and the Mitta Mitta River.

After a beautiful lunch we drove back to Tallangatta however we chose the Omeo Highway. So much better and wider and safer for our trip back.

The drive back to Tallangatta from Mitta Mitta.

That night we had leftovers for dinner and watched a bit of Darts on the iPad via Foxtel Go. Another couple of walks before dinner and after dinner and then we settled in for a good nights sleep. On waking – well Betty wakes up around 5am for a wee walk and breakfast, we have coffee. We noticed once the sun was up that one of our tyres on the caravan was looking a bit flat. Greg asked another camper if he had a tyre pump which he did and we pumped it up. Phew. It was a bit tricky getting the caravan hooked up to the car. It had rained overnight and the grass was extremely wet and it had sunk into the grass a bit. This is all a learning curve for us by the way. Eventually we got out of the sticky situation and drove into town. Filled up the car with petrol and re checked all tyres on caravan and car. Got some delicious coffee at a fabulous Gluten Free Cafe that is newly opened. So if your gluten free Tallangatta and Mitta Mitta certainly cater for us!

We arrived back home around 1 ish parked the caravan and did the usual emptying towels sheets to wash etc. What a couple of days we throughly enjoyed it and have decided to go away again as soon as Greg has a couple of days off work. (due to staff shortages, sickness etc he has been working 7 days a week.) More photos will be uploaded on Instagram of the weekend in Tallangatta, Victoria.

10 thoughts on “Two Day Trip to Tallangatta Victoria

  1. It’s great that it’s pretty close by with a half hour drive. Poor little Sally, I wonder if she panics that she’s going to the vets. I can see the appeal of having a caravan when there are places you can visit like this but it’s a shame about no water hookup. Would you want to try the stargazing on a Friday night in future? It might be pretty cool.

    Despite the weather, it sounds like a beautiful walk to the lake early on and going around Tallangatta sightseeing. Well done on driving up to get the awesome view. Good news that you found eating successful and discovered a Gluten Free Cafe. Fab!

    I like how you can caravan to one place to explore little further afield, and find another place you could stay in future like Mitta Mitta. According to Google, there’s only 171 people there, and it’s near Dartmouth Dam.

    I’m sorry Greg is having to work nonstop like he is. I hope it’s not too long before he gets a few days off again and you can return to adventuring! Thanks for taking us on your trip with you in your post 😊

    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • We have been away again since this trip. Hopefully I will write up about it soon. Too much of a social butterfly lately 😂. Yes Mitta does have very few people that actually live there but it’s a stepping stone to get up to our snowfields xx


  2. always nice to have a bit of a get away even if its short. Glad you could get out and see some sights near you. I can’t wait to get back to Australia.

    Liked by 1 person

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