Missing in Action but Im back Now!

Our wonderful internet here in Australia under the name of NBN or National Broadband Network isn’t really wonderful!  Its using the old phone line coming into the house and the wire (not cable) is strung across the street.

So when a big truck comes roaring down our street bam!! The line is pulled down.  Last time it was 2 weeks with no home internet due to the same problem.

This time it was ripped from the house and the pole over the road.  I think the truck was speeding.  It is a wonder the pole didn’t come down also.

As I have chronic illness’s I need to get a letter from my doctor saying this and if it goes down again, it is supposed to be fixed in 24 hours from reporting the fault.

Anyway its fixed for now… so stay tuned to some blog posts in the next few days.





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