6 Month Update on my Knee Injury

So its been 6 months since I initially injured my knee on the flight home from Paris.  6 months!  Where has the time gone?

I am now going to physio twice a week.  Each time I go I am put through my paces.  30-45 mins of intense workout.

Waiting on referral to do some physiotherapy in the hydro pool also.

Stationery bike, mini trampoline, stepper, steps, weights, slide machine, leg raises – the list goes on.

For home I have purchased a stepper,  weights and the house we have moved too we can use the exercise bike.  We are one street away from the beach so walking the dogs will be another fun exercise.

The pain is still there but now its bearable.  Moving house at the weekend really put my knee to the test.  It was hetic condsidering we were told on Sunday afternoon we had to be out by 9am.

Lucky this new house has a bath, soaking in epsom salts certainly helps.

Early April I go and see the surgeon again.  We have agreed that an operation is out of the question.  The stats are 100% I will need a full knee reconstruction within a year of any surgery for the ACL.  Not something I wish to go through so lots more physiotherapy.

I still ice my knee when I walk too far as it has a tendency to swell and the ice is great for the pain.

What all this exercise is doing is teaching my quads and hamstring to take over from the ACL.  Its working as my knee no longer swings from side to side.  Bonus – Im also getting a slight defintion of muscle.









14 thoughts on “6 Month Update on my Knee Injury

    • I tried the airlines, they reckon there was no information about the injury. Although I did inform them and when at Dubai I needed help getting on the plane. At Melbourne airport via Emirates they organized a wheelchair for me. Its like don’t they keep records? Anyway Im doing ok so I think lesson learnt, get an aisle seat …


    • Getting back into my seat on the flight home from Europe last year. I had been to the bathroom and was in the middle seat. Slid into my seat and my right leg slipped and hit the metal bar of the seat in front. Ouch was the word….

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      • It was. I had no idea exactly what I had done. Get to Dubai and I just dragged myself to the next flight home. Had to climb up into a bus and thats where I did more damage. the flight home was 14 hours. So painful. I have seen grown men cry with this injury. Worst is …insurance wouldn’t cover me as it was in the air coming home. So my doctor sent a referral to the hospital and then I went to Emergency so only way I could get treated

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