Sick? On holidays – Oh No….

I woke up in the morning and I didn’t feel right.  I couldn’t put my finger on it.  We went to breakfast.  I only ate a little as I was starting to feel queasy.  We were heading to a Truffle Farm and then to the town of Grignan with a tour of the castle.  A private cocktail party awaited us there at the castle.

We boarded the coach to leave, and then it hit me.  I had to get off the coach and run back to our cabin.  I know Muriel didn’t know what to do I had enough time to say “stay on the bus and take lots of photos”.


I ran back to the ship and our cabin and just made it time.  I was very sick.

I laid low in the cabin, watched some movies.  Eventually I felt ok enough to head up to the lounge to make a peppermint tea.  Went back to my room and slept.

When you have chronic Illness’s this can happen at any time. Did I accidentally eat some gluten the night before?  The kitchen and wait staff on the ship were always so accommodating with my dietary requests.  So did I do it to myself?  Was it the heat? August in France can be quite warm and that could have had something to do with it.  I don’t do the heat too well.

They all got back around 2pm so after Muriel had a bite to eat, I was ready to go exploring.  We were moored at a beautiful town called Vivers. I certainly didnt want to stay out of action for too long.  There was time enough when I got home to be sick.  Holidays was not the place.


Next post: Truffles….The eldest sister Muriel has written this and provided the photos.  Thank you so much Muriel, you might have to write some more posts.




15 thoughts on “Sick? On holidays – Oh No….

  1. Oh I’m so sorry, that must have been pretty frustrating too to miss out on the action. It’s horrible when our bodies just don’t play ball with our plans and you’re right, holidays just aren’t the time for being sick! xx

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