Dubai – Nice

Finally we boarded our flight from Dubai to Emirates.  Our seats were down the back of the plane.  Even before our flight left, people were moving seats, as the flight was not fully booked.  We thought that was strange as here in Australia they like you to sit in your booked seat until the plane is in the air and the seat belt sign was turned off.

We were both getting excited as it was roughly only 7 hours to Nice give or take a few minutes.

So we settled into our flight and watched a heap of movies to wile away the time.

One of the channels was the flight path we were taking.  I did have photos of it all but somehow I have managed to delete them.  I was getting excited as we went straight up over Italy!  I haven’t been there yet but I have now flown over the country.

It seemed to go so quickly and we were getting ready to land.  As we flew in you could see the hundreds of boats out on the Mediterranean.  Even from the plane windows the Azure waters looked inviting.

Then we had landed and before we knew it we were getting our bags, going through passport check.  It was so quick!

We found the bus that would take us near our hotel, yet we still had a fair walk.

Next post will be our exciting time in Nice!  We both loved it and one day we will go back and stay a few more days.



Don’t forget you can see more photos of our holiday on our Instagram account! Plus my adventures in Melbourne.


Bree the youngest sister.





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