Dogs and more dogs!

Thought I would share a couple of pictures of my (I share one with my housemate) puppies. Sally is a rescue and I have had her 15 months.  She is 3. She spent her first 2 years in and out of foster care.  One of the reasons she was returned after a couple of weeks was that she kept running out of the property.  Mind you the farm wouldn’t shut their gates.  Sally only did that to us once when we were at the Golburn River.  She eventually came back, unfortunately  she ended up at the vets with possible snake bite.  Here in Australia most of our snakes are highly venomous.  Lucky for her it wasn’t but she spent 4 days at the vets.  From then on Sally never ran away again. Sally has been to one lot of puppy school and passed with flying colors.  Or I passed lol.


Sally at the beach in Rosebud 

Betty is a pure bred Kelpie and she was in foster from 5 weeks of age with her sister and her brother.  We got her when she was 12 weeks old.  She is now 8 months old. Betty is full of beans and is very intelligent.  She has brilliant recall, can sit, drop, roll over, shake hands, give high fives.  She can stand when told.  Betty is learning to “leave it” so when out she wont pick up possible poison foods etc.  Betty has been to two puppy classes, and she also passed with flying colours.


Betty at the beach in  Rosebud


Here is a photo of our other two dogs Beth and Gene.  We had them since they were 3 months old.  They were rescues also.  Sisters, there were 3 of them at the rescue and as we can only have 2, we went back the next day and the other sister had got work on a farm.  They are blue healer x kelpies.  Gene passed in June 2015 and Beth in July 2016.


Gene has the red collar and Beth the blue taken at Rosebud Beach

I love this photo.  How they are contemplating life looking out at the ocean.



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