Moulin Rouge – Can Can

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge – This was taken from the hop on hop off bus so there is a bit of glare from the window.

Long before watching Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge I have been fascinated with it. The dancing, the naughtiness of the whole dance.  I fell in love with Satine  and as I watched it one Saturday morning in a very empty cinema I cried for what might have been.   My daughter gave me the DVD for Christmas one year.  I think I watched it so much I nearly wore it out.

To find out that part of the holiday we would be going there was beyond my wildest dreams.

We were told no cameras to be taken so I left both my  phone and my camera back in the room at the hotel.  Security would be high not just someone may smuggle in a camera but France is on high alert for Terrorism.  We were also told no thongs or shoes that are thongs.  That’s all i had plus my sneakers and day sandals.  So while we were out I managed to get a pair of amazing going out sandals and so cheap.  Shopping in Europe is a shoppers dream, and I am not even a shopper.  Plus they were made in France and not China.

Getting back to our trip to the Moulin Rouge.  We arrived there just after 7 so as to get through the long lines of security much quicker.  When we got to where we would sit the four of us were split up.  Paula and Muriel sat together and I sat with Richard on a table of Kiwis.  They were also on our tour.  We were to have dinner then the show.   Part of dinner we were told we could have a bottle between 2 people.  However I chose champagne the others had wine.  So sneaky me got the whole bottle instead of having to share.  Dinner was amazing.  I am gluten-free and fish and peanut free, and of course I was worried that I wouldn’t be catered for. For those with dietary  issues do not fear.  I was catered for and thoroughly enjoyed my meal.  While you are being seated and eating dinner they have a singer and backing band on stage.  That was fantastic, so what is the show going to be like?

Then dinner finished and they quickly cleaned up the plates.  More people then poured in as you can have dinner and show or just the show.

Wow amazing jaw dropping, are just some of the words to describe what we saw.  2 full hours of dancing and comedy.  The most amazing was the 2 major dancers who danced on a round trampoline with skates on.  Wow!!

That would have to be the quickest 2 hours ever.  It was all over and we were being ushered out so they could do the late show.  Yes they have 3 shows a day. Those girls and guys are so fit.  Did you know a lot of the dancers are from Australia.  We seem to export very tall beautiful amazing dancers. I can not remember the exact height requirements but I think for the girls they must be over 6ft and that’s not in heels and the guys over 6ft 2 or close to that.

It was so crowded as we were leaving Moulin Rouge with everyone going out and huge ques to get in.  We found our cruise director and made our way back to our coach.  Within minutes we were back at our hotel.

If you get the chance to visit Moulin Rouge do so.  It was amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge – The famous Windmill





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