5 star or were we spoilt on the ship?

As Paula said in the comments on the previous post we had trouble getting into our room.  We tried several times, eventually going back down to the concierge to get assistance. The batteries in the  lock had to be replaced.   We laughed that one off as that can happen to anyone anywhere.

Then our bags were not taken up to our room before we went out to dinner.

When Muriel showed us her room she had water bottles, so once we got back to our room we checked and there were none.  Another phone call to the desk, and yes we were supposed to have the complimentary water bottles.  After all this hotel is touted as being 5 star.

If you remember on an earlier post we had rung to have the mini bar emptied.  That took several phone calls and perhaps 24 hours later.  We had purchased a bottle of wine on our way back from dinner to have a couple of drinks, another phone call to the desk to get a container of ice. I think the ice we got would have sunk the titanic!  Huge chunks of ice, we had trouble getting the ice into the wine glass!

The next day when we got back from our tours, you guessed it!  The mini bar had not been emptied.  Finally they came and emptied it.  Not before we had the floor manager come to find out what was required.  Then they came about an hour later to empty it.  Mind you we were trying to have a nap before our outing to the Moulin Rouge that night.  We kissed our nap goodbye.

The funny thing is when we tried to put the wine bottle in it didn’t fit!   There was still some food in the fridge, a half sandwich and some yogurt! The person who emptied the fridge thought it was ours so left it.  We were in the room but she didn’t think to ask us.  Perhaps language was a problem. That food was there before we even got into our room.

So another call for more ice for our wine.  I think we needed to just drink it and not get any more.

On speaking with the others from our tour it was the same with everyone. Beds were not being made up or clean linen.  No clean towels.  We were lucky our beds every day had clean sheets and we had clean towels.  Perhaps it was all the phone calls that they decided they better do the right thing.

We did have a problem with the tea/coffee, milk and having clean cups every day.  We had to ring several times each day before someone would come up to our room to first find out what it was we needed then about an hour or two they would finally bring it to us.

Muriel would get chocolates on her pillow we however had to beg for tea lol.

The front desk were rude well one girl was.  Even though we did the right thing and say Bonjour, (spell check says to put in Bourbon)  she probably was having a bad day.

We were spoilt on the ship, that was not 5 star I would say more like 8 stars.  We didn’t want a for anything, it was like they knew before we even had to ask.

The lifts in the hotel had seen better days.  There were 6 of them but we worked out only 2 were actually safe to ride in.  A few scary attempts to get to the lounge or back to our rooms.  I did the usual lean in and put a floor number, and wait for that lift to go before we pressed the button for another one.  Sometimes we had to do that several times before the “decent lift” came.

This aside our room was ok.  We had breakfast in the hotel every day and it was pretty good.  We didn’t let a few things put a damper on our time in Paris.  In fact we laughed about it and it brought us even closer together.  Yes the service at the hotel was poor, but Paris was amazing.







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