Organic Dutch Dairy Farm

Our next stop after the windmills was to visit an organic dairy Farm.


Organic Dairy Farm – Leeghwater Region


We were shown the workings of an organic dairy farm.  On the farms the cows are in huge sheds for most of the year due to the weather.  Today they were out feeding on the lush grass.

In the background of this picture you can see the old and new windmills.

We were greeted by the young family and their dog.  They served us cake, Tea, coffee and Raw Milk.  I choose to have the raw milk.  It was very yummy!

Walking around the farm and avoiding the cow dung was interesting to say the least!

This  farm you can stay in your tent or caravan on a portion of the land.  I didn’t take any pictures as to give these holiday makers their privacy.



The Farm dog

The market price for organic milk is higher than conventional milk, and there is a high consumer demand for organic milk. So its more profitable to convert to organic farming than continue with conventional farming.

After a very interesting afternoon it was back on the coach and back to the Port of Amsterdam for our last evening on board our 6 star floating Hotel.



5 thoughts on “Organic Dutch Dairy Farm

  1. What a brilliant idea to have campers stay on the farm and give them extra income. Organic farming is the go but we have to change the thoughts of Australians and eating habits before that changes


  2. Forgot to say how clever the family were by adding to their revenue by offering farm stays to campers. One thing we discovered by going along the rivers were how much the europeans love to camp and experience the country side. We could learn so much


  3. This was a lovely visit. The family that ran the farm were inspiring.
    How wonderful to see how they had turned the farm around by investing in organic.
    Also to meet their young helper a lovely young girl who was studying organic farming.
    But the best thing was their beautiful farm dog who tried to herd us all. Love that.
    How sad nearly the end of a perfect holiday.


    • Yes the dog did try and herd us, funny to watch. Lovely to see the kids playing on the farm, bare feet, doing what kids do. It was lovely to see that young girl who is studying organic farming. I have read up a lot about the organic movement in the Netherlands. It is going on in leaps and bounds, as the buying public want organic and the farmer actually gets a better return for their hard work. I think Australia really needs to look at what they do. The Dutch, have such small farms, not like we have here in Australia.


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