Safety Card –

Every time you go ashore you are handed a safety card. This card ensures that before the ship leaves the port, everyone is accounted for.

Monday night  the 3 Sisters went ashore after the amazing dinner to wander around Koblenz.

Beautiful town, flowers everywhere, cobblestones. Every town has a town square with cafes and restaurants and Koblenz was no different.  A few were closed as it was Monday and also in Europe August is the month when a lot of cafes, restaurants and business’s go on holiday.

I  would love to go back one day and explore more of this wonderful town.

Koblenz the old city was triangular in shape, two sides bounded by the Rhine and Mosel Rivers and by fortifications.  Koblenz suffered huge damages during the bombing raids of WW2 but today is a mixture of the old and the new.

When we got back to the ship we went onto the top deck to watch the ship leave.  Richard was up there so the 4 of us were chatting away.  Wondering why the ship had not left the port.

We  hadn’t handed our Safety Cards in had we!

Luckily the Hotel Manager  had seen us board and came to find us and get those cards back to reception.Very shortly after that  our ship left.

If ever you the reader of this blog ever go on a cruise, please hand your safety card in as soon as you come back onto the ship.

Yes we still laugh about it to this day!




4 thoughts on “Safety Card –

  1. We had such a quick walk around the town.
    Forgetting about returning the cards was very funny but i guess not at all amusing for the crew with their time constraints.
    So many places to see in the world. We are so lucky.


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