Drinking Like the Locals

Our next stop after Heidelberg Castle was the quaint Old Town of Heidelberg.  A short tour and then we had time on our own.  A lot of the tour group went shopping for  souvenirs, some went and had a beer, food or just wandered around the town.

3 Sisters wandered around then it was a unanimous decision that we would find a quiet street and have a cuppa.  So many tourists wandering around and locals made it a very busy town.

A lot of towns have a curfew on cars, or they are just not allowed in the city squares.  Makes sense to me.  Heidelberg – the Old Town didn’t have this…more on that later.

We found a cute little street with a few cafe’s and chocolate shops.  Sitting there enjoying our cuppa and who should we see at the other table.  Our German guides.  They had the same idea.  We knew we were eating and drinking like the locals!

Even better our guide took a picture of the 3 of us.

It was lovely to just sit and soak up the atmosphere. Cobblestones and lovely old buildings, loads of flowers everywhere.  The Heidelberg castle looms over the town like a huge fortress.

Such a pretty town would love to go back one day.



*Is it right left, or left right? more in the next installment*


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