Sandy Creek Bridge and Country High Trail Victoria Australia

A few days ago we went for a drive around the Hume Weir. The sun was shinning so we thought a drive then a bbq. The current levels of the dam is at 73.5 % as at today the 25/7/2021.

From our backyard here in Albury we can see on a clear day the bountiful snow on Mount Bogong. On the way to the Hume we could see even better the snow of Mount Bogong so here is a photo I took at the side of the road.

Snow on Mount Bogong Victoria

As we drove around we thought now is the time to take some photos of the weir. We lived in Wodonga back in 2015 and the levels of the dam were quite low. In fact it was at its lowest that year. The following year we had moved to Shepparton Victoria but we had come back a few times to see Doctors and also to pick up our beloved Betty the Kelpie from the Wodonga Dog Rescue. That year saw a lot of rain, bit like this year and the levels were quite high. If the rain continues like it has been this year no doubt it will get back up to 100%.

I have some pictures on a disk that show my two dogs playing ball in the grass and the following year its under water, nearly lapping up to the picnic area.

We found a spot to park the car and with the two dogs Betty and Sally we walked along the High Country Rail Trail to the Sandy Creek Bridge.

The High Country Rail Trail was a rail line built in 1887 and used to transport material for the Snowy Mountain Scheme. The last train on the track was in 1978.

The trail can take you from Wodonga to Corryong along the shores of the Hume Weir. Plenty of places to stop to have a picnic or a bbq, toilets and drinking water stops. In summer you can have a dip in the beautiful cool water of the weir.

Back to our walk along the rail trail. We realized we had the left the dog leads at home so we had to use a tie rope to take them for the walk. Unfortunately we can not trust the rascals to walk along with us and of course being Kelpies the thrill of chasing some of the cattle along the shores would be just too much temptation. Walking with these rascals was certainly hard at times as they were battling each other to be the lead. It did end up good in the end as they were extremely tired at the end of the day lol.

Greg, Sally and Betty

The views were amazing and I will share some of my photos with you now.

Stunning Views

The Aboriginal name for Sandy Creek is Bungoona.

The Sandy Creek Bridge was constructed in 2012 with a 600 metre architecturally designed pedestrian and cycling bridge, sitting on the original rail pylons stripped of track after the Cudgewa branch line closed in 1981.

Sandy Creek Bridge from afar

Some of the great rides are Bonegilla to Sandy Creek Bridge – 14.8 km, then Sandy Creek Bridge to Tallangatta – 9.5km then Tallangatta to Old Tallangatta – 9km. I wrote about Old Tallangatta in a previous post.

From where we parked the car to the Bridge and back to the car was just over 3 km. Not far but we both have injuries to our knees and two crazy Kelpies in tow so it was interesting to say the least. By the time we got back to the car we were nice and warm and tired. We decided to drive straight home instead of having a bbq and head to bed for a nap.

The Sandy Creek Bridge

These cows certainly have a prime bit of real estate along the Hume.

On the way home we pulled into Ebden for a quick toilet stop and to take a few photos of the Lake Hume. When we moved here to Albury in December you could nearly walk out to the island that is in this photo below. Just shows how quick things can change in a few months.

Lake Hume and the Island taken at Ebden

Our favorite spot along the Hume at Ebden. We had a few days of heavy rain and you can see it still flowing down into the lake.

Thanks again for reading and sharing this post. Travel overseas might be off the table for the present time for those of us in Australia, however there is so much to see and do in this land of mine.

11 thoughts on “Sandy Creek Bridge and Country High Trail Victoria Australia

    • Oh it does change. We have had a very wet winter here with heavy rains. The snowfields have also had a bumper season so as it melts the river’s go into the lake and the Murray. I think its about 98% full now. We have one or two years of heavy rain but as soon as the rain goes we go into drought and it gets very low.


  1. Stunning scenery! Yes, travelling abroad is not very temping these days, but at least people are getting out and about more in their own country.
    Here in Ireland the scenery is amazing. There are so many beautiful sights to behold. The weather puts a lot of people off though! I’m not bothered by it anymore. When I was younger, all I wanted was foreign lands and sunshine.
    Found your post on #SeniorSalon 173

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