Nazare Portugal, a seaside town.

Our next stop would be for lunch.  A beautiful seaside town Nazare Portugal.  It was cold and the rain was threatening so we went looking for somewhere to eat.  We noticed our guide head into a restaurant and decided we would eat there also.  Of course due to my fish allergy had to make sure I was able to munch on something.  In past trips eating or drinking  where the guide ate you knew you were going to have a decent meal.

Omelettes were on the menu so both Muriel and myself decided that would be our lunch along with wine.  Must have wine!


Lunch isn’t lunch without the wine!



My Omelet – the Portuguese spelling 



Sarah and Peter great friends

We had lunch with Sarah and Peter a lovely couple from Queensland who we had got to know really well.  Some of the other group were shopping as they had eaten in Coimbra.


Our Waiter – More like Basil Faulty

Our waiter was so funny had us laughing so much. He was a bit like Basil Faulty from Faulty Towers. He brought out a plate of fish that Sarah and Peter were able to select their fish lunch from.


The plate of fish they could select from.  This was brought to our table.



Sarah holding up one of the prawns they were going to have for lunch.



Sometimes I wish I could eat it.  The prices were quite good.


The Blackboard Menu

Once lunch was over we had a bit of time to take some photos and look at some of the shops.

The water was so calm the beach deserted, at either end were extremely high cliffs.  Our guide did tell us that sometimes the waves are so high they nearly hit the top of the cliffs.  So hard to believe on such a calm wet cold day.  I noticed some T/shirts on sale that had pictures of the cliffs and surfboards.


Deserted beach and calm no waves



The fishing boats on the beach

These fishing boats are still the same that the original fishermen the Phoenicians, who settled here in pre-Christian times.  Some of these boats have an eye painted to watch out for storms and shoals.  Many even dangle lamps over the side to fish at night.

There is also another tradition which is the seven skirts of Nazare.  The fisherwomen wear seven colorful skirts as well as wooden clogs and predominantly black headscarf.  These seven skirts and color are to represent the seven days of the week , the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven waves in a set.  The number 7 is mythical, biblical and magical attributions.  Its said that the fisherwomen would wait for their men to return home safe  in the cold wind and  wet weather on the beach and the layers were for warmth.

Turns out this place was only put on the map roughly just over  10 years ago.  It has always been  popular with the Portuguese for summer and a fishing village.  At certain times of the year the waves can hit the 30 meter mark or more. 30 meters wow!  I remember as a teenager fascinated by the pipeline off Hawaii.  I would watch on Television the surfing shows, showing the huge waves and the surfers who tried to ride this phenomenon.  Many hurtling to the bottom breaking bones etc.

Just like Hawaii, Nazare has a “Nazare Canyon”submarine geomorphological phenomenon that allows the formation of perfect giant waves. It is the largest underwater canyon in Europe, about 170 kilometres along the coast, reaching a depth of 5,000 metres.  In January 2018, Hugo Vau rode a record-breaking 35 meter (100ft+) wave.  That is just mind boggling.  Check out the link below.

Nazare Portugal


The best times to visit this village is really anytime of the year.  However to see these huge waves visit in December although there can be some right up to April.


Our coach was back to pick us up and take us to Lisbon where we would be staying two nights.

Goodbye Nazare, I must go back and visit you a bit longer next time. Perhaps to watch the crazy surfers trying to ride that perfect wave!




*Next post Lisbon*

57 thoughts on “Nazare Portugal, a seaside town.

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  3. PS. Bree – Just seen your comment on my blog! I’ve replied to it on there but I just wanted to drop you a message to see how you are since your op. I really do hope each day is getting a little better gradually. Have they sorted out the medication? Sending love your way – I hope you’re getting plenty of rest this week!Β β™₯
    Caz xx

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    • Hi Caz thank you. Yes Bloods were good. Nephrologist was good although he is now moving to Abu Dabu..doh…I do go back in February to see the new/old/young nephrologist who actually sees young children with TS at the Children’s Hospital so he will do adults as well at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Oh and the medication. The stupid cardiologist had prescribed the highest amount…which would have had dire consequences …eek….so as my bloods are good no need to take anything yet…..thank you so much xx hope your feeling ok also…


  4. It looks like a lovely spot and the food looks pretty great too. Those prawns! Loved the Basil Fawlty waiter (we had some hilariously lovely waiters when we did a European River Cruise several years ago).
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM πŸ™‚

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  5. I’ve never been to Portugal, I love the pieces of your visit that you shared. The 7’s, the potential of such high waves, the must-have wine with lunch, the fresh food with good prices, yep sounds like a great place to visit. Thank you for sharing and thank you too for stopping by to my blog to say hi and check out my Lil ol’ world. Your visit added a smile to my day! xx

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  6. 7 skirts, all at the same time? Sounds like me, but with my ‘7 jumpers’ traditions πŸ˜‰ It’s a fascinating tradition to learn of as I’d not heard about it before.
    That plate of fish.. my stomach roiled at that. Can’t stand seafood, even looking at it makes me queasy. Do you mind me asking what happens if you eat fish given your allergy?
    The beach looks lovely and peaceful but I agree it’d be hard to picture the high tides when it’s like that.
    Caz xx

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    • Oh you would be. Portugal and Spain is full on with their fish/seafood. I can eat shellfish however they liked to keep them together which then I am unable to have. Did make it difficult at meal times. Eggs featured a lot lol


  7. Sorry if I comment twice but not sure it worked the first time. As I was saying…
    Rain or no rain Portugal is one of
    My all time fav countries. I sure hope to return for the third time. Saving this post for more ideas when I do.

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  8. Rain or no Portugal remains one of
    My favorite countries. I think I could live there! I’ve been twice and hope to venture there again next year. I’ll save this post for more fabulous Portugal ideas!

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