Quinta da Roeda – Douro Valley – Portugal

After an amazing visit to Provesende we headed back to the  Scenic Azure. Lunch was served as our ship sailed to   Pinhão  for our  visit  to the Quinta da Roeda where the world famous Croft Port is made.


Quinta Da Roeda – Portugal





The Quinta da Roeda – Croft Port  Portugal



On offer at the vineyard were two experiences.  One was to visit the vineyard and then do some wine tasting or you could also add in  a hike.  Muriel and I chose not to do the hike.  Turns out the afternoon was quite warm so Im pleased we didn’t do the hike.  We were taking on a walk through the vineyards, the views are spectacular over the Douro Valley.


The Terrace with the stunning wisteria and the terraces in the background of the vineyards



For those of you who may visit Portugal, always remember it gets extremely hot in summer so I suggest visit in Autumn or Spring.   There is also a “treading of the grapes” you can do if visiting at the right time.

The vines here at Quinta da Roeda have been growing and producing port for over 100 years.  The vines are also tendered by hand.  No machines at all.  At the end of each row of vines there were roses or lavender.


The vines 

The views of the Douro Valley are stunning from the terrace.  The Wisteria was in bloom, its purple flowers with the backdrop of the Douro Valley looked  like it was from a painting.


Views from the terrace


I bet you are wondering what was next.  Those that know me yes your right and those that don’t – yes your right Port it is..  and not port on a ship.  Although we had lots of port on the Scenic Azure while cruising the Douro River.


Of course this little soak tried them all and more.  I played with my camera taking photos of the wine with the backdrop of a wine case.  I think all the port I had been sipping had gone to my head.


Croft Port since 1588


Wandering  around the gift shop I decided on a black croft baseball cap for my housemate.  A few bottles of port were purchased by others.  In hindsight we should have purchased some for the land journey of Portugal and Spain.



A few of us were dropped off in the village of Pinhão so we could look at the beautiful railway station built towards the end of the nineteenth century.  The walls inside is entirely lined with the blue and white tiles – azulejos.


If you do nothing else in Pinhão visit  the railway station.  It would have to be the most beautiful place to catch a train I have ever seen.  It is so clean and welcoming.


Just some of the beautiful azulejos that depict the story of Portugal and the Douro Valley


It was a beautiful walk back to the Scenic Azure where that evening Muriel and I would be at the Captains Dinner.  Yes the two of us would be sitting with the captain and other guests.


This cobblestone road was very steep – glad it wasn’t raining.



Our ship the Scenic Azure berthed at Pinhão on the Douro River

I will talk about that dinner later on another post.

Our cruise on the mighty Douro will soon be over.  The next day our ship will make its way back to Porto. 3 more nights of sheer delight before we leave this luxury and board a coach and do an 11 day coach tour of Portugal and Spain.






More photos will be on Instagram you can see them here – 3sistersabroad

To learn more about the history of Croft Port click the link here

Croft Port – Quinta da Roeda

22 thoughts on “Quinta da Roeda – Douro Valley – Portugal

  1. Lovely photos – and those cobbled streets brought back memories of my European trips (we don’t have anything like that here in Australia). Glad you enjoyed the winery and didn’t mind missing the hike – the walk through town would have made up for it.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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  2. Stunning. That’s all I can say about the views you captured. And I was surprised to learn that they plant lavender or roses at the end of a row of grapevines. Did you ever find out why? Just wondering if it’s a thing…or if someone just liked them.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful Portugal. Looks like you’re having a lovely time 🙂 Would love to see more – I’ve been to Lisbon and Porto. I’ve Pinned this post, Followed you on Instagram and Tweeted. Would love it if you’d follow me on Instagram too 🙂 at Lifestyle Fifty.

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