Chateau du Breuil en Auge – A Taste of Normandy


We visited Chateau Le Breuil en Auge and its famous distillery for tasting of their cider.  Of course we also were able to sample the cheese that is produced  in the area.  Can I just say “thank you to all of those at my table who decided to not try the cheese.  Some were concerned, yes concerned that some of the cheese was from un pasteurized milk!  Yes I ate it and it was delicious.  No, it didn’t make me sick. As you can see from the photo these samples were not small.




Of course there was more wine and cider to have with the cheese.

Learning how they make the apple cider was fun.  From these gorgeous apples on the tree



The Distillery


The cider on its way to the oak barrels


Cider Oak Casks in the aging cellars

to this.P8262600.JPG

Not just one tasting either.  So many different varieties are made, depending on how long they are left in the oak casks.


Don’t mind if I do

You can purchase the cider in the gift shop however I resisted the urge.


I decided to taste more of what was on offer


As we left the distillery building before the tasting we were giving a “taste” of what 100% cider is like.  100% would have knocked us out, maybe even worse.  You know how you spray your perfume into the air and walk through it, that’s how we were given the “taste”.  Oh such a beautiful scent!

As we wandered around the aging cellars you learn from the information on the front of the oak casks as to the age of the cider.


Oak Casks filled with apple cider

While we were in the aging cellars an amazing light show was put on.  The cellars came to life with stunning colors and beautiful sounds. ( No photos were to be taken while this was on. )  “La Part Des Anges”  I learnt when we got back home in Melbourne that this light and sound show had just started that year (2017)

The gardens are stunning, with 100-year-old trees, beds of flowers and chairs and tables to enjoy the surroundings.



100-year-old trees


Picturesque Gardens


Stunning flowers


The Chateau with its pink tiles wasnt part of our tour, such a shame as it is said to be stunning.  Built in the 16th – 17 th century and home to noble families such as the Bouquetots, the Montgomery’s, the young Tancrède de Rohan and the Bences.


The gates to the Chateau


Glimpse of the Chateau over the stone walls






“The Pays d’auge, located to the east of Calvados, is Normandy’s most emblematic area.  From Pont I’Eveque to Livarot, via Lisieux, this is the land of the apple orchards, stud farms and half-timbered houses.  Cider, calvados and pommel are produced throughout Calvados and Normandy but more specifically in the Pays d’aude.  Also the Pays d’aude is also an AOC (controlled designation of origin) area.

The Cider Route, the east of Caen, is a 40km marked tourist trail throughout the beautiful area of the Pays d’auge.  Cheeses such as camembert, post l’eveque and livarot are all produced at the Graindorge cheese dairy in Livarot, using non-pasteurized milk, of course, to guarantee the AOC label.”

*more photos of our visit will be featured on the instagram account*


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  2. Being in France and indulging in cheese in a must 🙂 Enjoyable post and Normandy is an area to stay in and explore. We spent a few months in the area housesitting.

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