Nice France …Apollo and the Sun Fountain

We got off the train and followed the crowd through to the exit.  Nice train station was so busy. We stopped and looked around to take in the sights and sounds. Ice cream seller to the left and police to the right.  We decided to head left and go from there. It seemed the crowd was heading left.

Sometimes you just want to pinch yourself when you arrive in a new town and this was one of them.  It’s real, we are here on the Riviera. I wanted to breathe in the atmosphere.

Ahead we saw trams so figured it was a main road.  Since getting home we have learnt you can take the tram and be from one end of town to the other in 17 mins.  There is a tram line from the airport to the city being built.  Hence all the road works etc.  Its expected to be finished in 2018.

We decided to walk along the boulevard down to the esplanade.  This way we can soak up more of the atmosphere.. The boulevard is lined with Palm trees. Many cafes and restaurants and department stores also lined the street. The street was teeming with locals and tourists.   It was August the peak of the summer season.

We walked through Massena Square and stopped to take several pictures of the Sun Fountain/Fontaine du Soleil. It’s an impressive fountain with the Greek God Apollo in the centre.  He stands  7 metres tall or 23 feet.  According to the Greek Mythology he drive his four-horse chariot across the sky to move the sun.  The four horses are sitting on his head.  Surrounding him are 5 statues in bronze representing Earth, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury.  For a while he was too racy for the town of Nice and was banished to a local football ground.  His manhood was far too big and not in proportion to the rest of the statue.  Finally in 2011 he was allowed to return.


As you can see its very popular for “that photo”  Apollo, the Sun Fountain and Bree


After several photos, which you the reader will be able to see on Instagram we made our way to the Promenade.

to be continued:








10 thoughts on “Nice France …Apollo and the Sun Fountain

  1. Lovely! I feel like I’m there with you! Oh, something funny – re that statue of Apollo? It reminds me of a similar statue & fountain, also taking centre-stage in a town square – but the one I saw is in Brussels. It’s a famous statue called the “Mannekin Pis” – and it’s not an adult, it’s more like a small child or toddler, and it’s sculpted in such a way so that fountain water goes up and out through his – you know! (grin) So it looks like he’s peeing in the little pool! When I saw it back in 1967 (honeymoon) I thought it was darn risque… and I still do!

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