Reunited 3 Sisters 

Today the 3 sisters Muriel, Paula and Me -Bree meet for lunch with Richard who we met on the cruise from last year. My bestie Lyn also came. Lyn was supposed to have come with us last year but 7 weeks out from when we were to leave she had a very unfortunate accident. Broke her leg in many places and was in hospital for at least 5 weeks. 

Left to right : Bree ( me) Richard, Muriel, Lyn, Paula . 

Tomorrow night we head to the airport to start our holiday. 

To Paula, Lyn and Richard I wish you 3 were coming with us. You will be with us in spirit. 

7 thoughts on “Reunited 3 Sisters 

  1. Nice pic!! So I was wondering why you’re all bundled up in sweaters, and then I remembered: it’s winter where you are! LOL. Here in Montreal it’ll by 27 C for the high, today. 🙂

    Just a little note – you might want to add a comma after Richard’s name, in the row where you’re identifying the people in the photo. Otherwise I thought “Muriel” was an odd middle name for a man to have. 😀

    Have fun!! xox

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