Time to think of whats going in the backpack

In just over a week I will be heading to Perth for a couple of days then heading to Nice France. I was sitting here in my nice warm cosy lounge room and it was like eeek, I better start thinking about what I am putting in the backpack.

I went to my archived posts on the blog to see what I took last time and I am pretty sure I will do the same.  Medications, change of clothes, lip gloss, moisturizer, hand wipes, rain jacket. Phone and charger and camera charger. Passport, travel papers, insurance papers.

My camera will be in my cross body bag. It big enough to fit my camera with its new lens, SD cards, my wallet.  I may even have my passport in it…

My medications will take up one side of the backpack.  Its crazy the amount I have to take with me.  Thyroid medication, pain medication x 3 lots, antibiotics, prednisone, valium,  my asthma medications.

Do you think there is anything else I should take? I am taking some books over to Perth in my luggage that I have read to give to Paula and when she is done with them she can hand them to Muriel.

I might get a trashy magazine to read on the flight.


8 thoughts on “Time to think of whats going in the backpack

  1. Yay for your trip being so close! My meds for our trip in October will probably be one full carry on lol.
    I always bring my headphones with me as well. They are so important so that I can listen to music, podcasts, or the in flight system. 😊

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  2. I’m not sure about rules for Australia & Europe re taking liquids/makeup etc. in your carry-on luggage. I just know that in N. America they’re pretty strict.

    For all those medications, should you perhaps take copies of your prescriptions with you?

    I don’t bother with reading material anymore since I have both my iPhone and Kindle! Don’t forget all chargers & cables!

    Safe travels; hope you have great fun!! 🙂

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