Dry Needling and Massage



18 months ago my wonderful doctor referred me to the Osteopath at the clinic.  I had been having pain in my right hip and often would limp when getting up from sitting to walking. He noticed that I was lopsided.   My right side was lower than my left.  The Osteopath did massage, cupping and dry needling.

Often my right leg would just drop, give way.  I haven’t fallen over as I somehow have managed to catch onto something, or someone.

Even last year on our Europe Trip I had a few occasions when this happened.  Of course I thought nothing of it.  This was me and I wasn’t going to let this stop me from traveling.

The pain in my hip area was getting worse so as you would have read in a previous post my Rheumatologist had organized an MRI to find out what was going on.  The result of that was Osteoarthritis .  The two muscles the Gluteus Medius and the Gluteus Minimus Muscle that connect or hold the hip were practically torn off.  This would explain quite a few things.

My Rheumie has requested that I have some physiotherapy to see if this can help my pain levels.  Last week was my first visit and the physio really worked on the hip and surrounding areas.

Today was my second visit.  Last week we had talked about dry needling so today she massaged for about 10 minutes then proceeded to put several needles in.  For me it does not hurt, there is a slight tingle as they go in.  She leaves them in for about 10 minutes.  While I was laying there I had to keep saying to myself don’t roll over.  That would have been a castrophy.  Imagine all those tiny needles going right in.  Ouch!  I pictured her using  hair tweezers to remove them.  Yes my mind wanders sometimes.

After 10 minutes she pushed them in a little further.  Only one caused a bit of pain and that was the one on the hip.

Another 5 minutes and the physio removed them all.

What is dry needling?  It used to be called trigger point needling.  It uses the same type of needles that is used in Acupuncture.  A lot of articles on the internet do not give a good report on this therapy.   I have been having this type of therapy now for 2 years, and for me it defiantly gives me a lot of relief.

I was a bit sore on the drive home.  At least it was a quick drive home.  The benefits of living in a country town.  Everything is close by.

I was very sore last night and today I am sitting down with a heat pack on my back.

Tuesday week, I am booked in for a 20 minute class at the hydrotherapy pool with one of the physiotherapists.  This will give me exercises to do in the heated pool to help heal these muscles.

I am looking forward to the hydrotherapy class, as the heated water will help even more with giving relief in the pain area.

I throughly recommend either Osteopath or a Physiotherapist to work on sore muscles.  Here in Australia as I am listed as a chronic illness patient with my doctor I can get 5 “free” bulk billed appointments in a 12 month period with either of these.  I can then elect to pay for further treatments if I wish.





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