How 3 sisters blog started


3 Sisters Abroad – Me (black hat), Paula, Muriel

As in the title of our blog we are 3 sisters abroad.  We were on a cruise last year and found some of the other “clients” a bit toffy nose towards us.  We do not look-alike and I think they wondered why we were even there.  Everyone had a turn sitting next to us at dinners or breakfasts and would ask the same questions.  Who we were, they would then be shocked when we said we were sisters.  You would then see these same people “chatting” to others and looking at us.  We thought oh well you lot can play your game and  a chance comment we decided we would blog about our cruise and future holidays and I would also write a novel. With the help of my 2 sisters!


On the cruise we would spend hours laughing over drinks of who would play us when we became famous from the novel. That is in an earlier blog “Are we famous yet”.


We had an awesome time on our cruise and our time in Paris and there were some lovely people on the cruise who we have made friends with.  We met them in Zürich and took taxis together down to Basel to join the cruise.  In fairness, the rest of the clients had already had 7-11 days as a group with the staff on a cruise up the Rhone.  So we were interlopers.


It’s funny how something starts, like with this blog.  I had never even thought about doing a blog, I loved reading them and followed quite a few even before I began the blog.  To write one, was certainly unfamiliar territory.  However I have made friends with fellow bloggers.

Will we become famous? Will my novel get published?  If it does will it become the must read novel of the year and then be a huge movie!  Time will tell, I will say I am having fun and loving the friends on other blogs that I now follow and who also follow me.

2017 is going to be a big year!  I wish you all a wonderful year of blogging.  Keep writing, keep taking pictures and keep reading.

Thank you all so much from the 3 sisters abroad!

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