Tribute to the ANZACS

Today the 25th April is ANZAC DAY - A day of remembrance and honoring those brave young men who went and fought for our freedom in WW1, WW2, Vietnam War and the Korean War and many others since then. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps The Ode They went with songs to … Continue reading Tribute to the ANZACS

Mokoan Rest Stop Art works (Victoria Australia)

Mokoan Rest Stop is very familiar to me. Its a great place to stop and stretch the legs, toilet stop and walk the dogs. Its roughly 1 hour 15 mins or 120 km from Albury heading to Melbourne or Shepparton. These stops are Northbound and Southbound on the Hume Freeway. The Hume Freeway takes you … Continue reading Mokoan Rest Stop Art works (Victoria Australia)