Lam Awareness

The month of June is coming to a close.  June is Lam Awareness month.  Sarah from has done an amazing awareness program each year for the month of June.  Below is my piece this year.  Do go over to her blog and check them out.   Thank you for reading and following.     … Continue reading Lam Awareness

World Wide Lam Awareness Month

  Can you say Lymphangioleiomyomatosis? Let me break it down for you - Lymp -angio -leio- myo -ma - tosis.  What a mouth full.  Us Lammies and the medical profession call it Lam.  So much easier don't you think! What is Lam  or Lymphangioleomyomatosis you ask?  Here is the link to the Australian Lam organisation. … Continue reading World Wide Lam Awareness Month