Grignan Castle – Château de Grignan

              Grignan Castle Or as it is known – The Chateau de Grignan is built on a hilltop with the small village built around it. At present the number of people living here is just over 1,500. The village dates back to the 11th century with the walls being … Continue reading Grignan Castle – Château de Grignan

Ever had a Truffle – a black Truffle?

Ever had a truffle – or a black truffle. The area of France known as the Dordogne produces 80% of these truffles – called Tuber melanosporum or The Perigord Diamond. They have a subtle aroma and an earthy flavour and reminds every one of rich chocolate or so they say. Since the best times to … Continue reading Ever had a Truffle – a black Truffle?