Viviers – Ardèche Region

  By the time everyone came back from the Truffle Farm and Grignon Castle I was bursting to get out and do some exploring.  Being sick is awful, double that when away on holidays.  Poor Muriel, as soon as she came back I was like "come on let's go exploring in Viviers. " A quick … Continue reading Viviers – Ardèche Region

Ever had a Truffle – a black Truffle?

Ever had a truffle – or a black truffle. The area of France known as the Dordogne produces 80% of these truffles – called Tuber melanosporum or The Perigord Diamond. They have a subtle aroma and an earthy flavour and reminds every one of rich chocolate or so they say. Since the best times to … Continue reading Ever had a Truffle – a black Truffle?