Phew that was lucky!

After our tour of the Traboules and the old town of Lyon we were taken back to the ship for those who wanted lunch.  I was full from all the samples we had at the market.

After cooling down we walked back into the city.  I had my cross body bag from Modipeller and Muriel had her backpack on.   I was walking ahead of Muriel and I turned around to speak to her. The tiny street we were on was crowded.  Tourists and locals bustling for a space.  A dress shop ahead looked inviting.  It was a local French clothes shop. No sooner had we walked into the shop, a sales lady came up to Muriel and let her know her bag was open.  Fear gripped both of us as we knew it had been closed when leaving the ship. Muriel went white and immediately looked in her bag. Everything was still there. It seems that when I turned around to speak to Muriel, I must have scared off the wannabe thief.  He/She must have thought Muriel was easy prey and on her own.

On the way back to the ship Muriel carried her backpack to the front.  Why do backpack makers put the openings away from the body?

It didn’t dampen our enjoyment of Lyon.  It was just one of those things and makes you realize it can happen to anyone, anywhere.  You can be in your own home town.





6 thoughts on “Phew that was lucky!

  1. So glad everything worked out well. In Madrid, Spain alone in 1998, a woman accosted me for money and when I said No, she grabbed my arms and would not let go. I was scared, but stayed calm, and finally when I saw no help coming, I looked at her and said in as menacing a way as I could, “Let me go! You have never seen a black woman act a a fool as I am about to. SHe did not speak the language but she understood the look. Thank God, I left with all my stuff that was in a belt around my waist.

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  2. I have a small backpack when I go on tour but I only use one sling on a shoulder. that way I can shift it to my front when I’m in crowds. it’s prime tourist time and thieves know it. it’s part of the reason why I tour after October 1st so I can get away from most of the crowds.

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