Gastroparesis Awareness Month

August marks the month for awareness of Gastroparesis.  I have a few friends who have this chronic illness in varying degrees.  My friend Erin has explained in detail what it means to someone who battles on a day to day basis with this disease.  Please have a read.  I thank you for your time.

Today, the 1st of August, kicks off Gastroparesis Awareness Month! What is Gastroparesis and why is it important that we have a month dedicated to its awareness and advocacy? Gastroparesis (GP) is a condition that basically means “paralysed stomach”. People who have it have stomachs that don’t work properly. Instead of being able to squeeze, digest, […]

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13 thoughts on “Gastroparesis Awareness Month

  1. I struggle with severe Gastroparesis. It’s a daily battle. Thank you for helping to spread awareness about this potentially life threatening illness. Anyone, at any age can develop this disease/disorder. Take care! 🙂

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      • Thank you for stopping by, reading, commenting and sharing my post. I’ll be sharing my journey with Gastroparesis, all month, in several blog posts because my story is a long one. Thanks, again. I hope you’re doing well. XX 🙂

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      • That’s good. I’m glad you have pain medication that helps. XX I would love it if you would help spread awareness about this terrible disease by sharing my posts. Thank you so much! So appreciated! 🙂

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      • I had a friend a couple of years ago. we have lost touch . She was really bad also. People didn’t believe her when she said she was in pain. Her friends knew most of the time she was laying on the bathroom floor while she was on Facebook. She has a peg feed.

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      • Yeah, it’s hard for people to understand because we usually don’t really look sick except for the feeding tube, because they don’t see us at home, laying on the bathroom floor, or sitting in the bathroom for over an hour, feeling like we’re in labor, or how we have no energy to do anything and spend most of our time in bed………………….now, on the other hand, I live with people that see me and either they don’t believe me or they have zero empathy and compassion. I never want sympathy from anyone because I’m alive and I’m still breathing and my heart is still beating. I have 4 children and 3 grandbabies. My mom is still living. I have a lot to live for, even though some days you may hear me say otherwise………………………….Most of my friends have forgotten I even exist because I always have to cancel at the last moment. I say if they would just keep calling and asking me to join them, they will catch me on a “better” day when I can venture out for awhile, but they gave up on me, and that’s ok, because I know who my true friends really are, now. Living with Chronic Illness is very difficult. I have over 30 diagnoses…………..sigh……………………..getting more bad news on Monday, but I’m trying not to fret about it until I talk to my neurologist. I had some tests done and the sweat test came back positive. The Cardiologist told me it meant a neurological problem, and named a few, of which I’d never heard of before, so……………………………….oh well, it is what it is……………..I was put on this earth to be sick for some reason. I’m doing my best to figure it out. I think I’m doing some of it with this blog. XXX

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      • Im really sorry your “friends” have given up on you. Yes some days can be good some bad. Real friends will keep asking or bringing the fun to you. I hate it when people question someone chronic illness. I travel. I do so with the approval of my doctors, specialists etc. I go with a bag full of medications. People have questioned me as to whether I do have several chronic illnesss. These same people have the same illness as me. I know a lady who traveled for 12 months with her husband. She has the same Lung disease as me. She is on oxygen I am not. Some people have questioned her whether she should have traveled.

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      • I’ve learned to just accept things the way they are……………, some days that changes…… lol you know how it is. I think it’s great and you have a lot of courage to venture out like that. Just because one is ill doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to go on trips or to do whatever we want. We may spend half of our trip sleeping in a hotel room. Who cares? It’s the getting up and getting away from everything. We have the right to still get up and try. Some days I do things and just fight through the pain. Someone will say, “you must be doing so much better.” No. I just decided I wanted to try and live a little better today…..give it a try……Just because one is on oxygen, doesn’t mean they are dead. You’re only dead when you’re truly dead. You just go and take all your medications and all your medical equipment with you. You try. You do the best you can to keep on living, even though we may be in a lot of pain or whatever other unpleasant symptoms we have. What’s the worst that can happen? We have to visit a different ER. We may get hospitalized, away from home, and with different doctor’s… what……what’s it matter? People just need to mind their own business and just worry about themselves and what they are doing. That’s my opinion about this whole matter. lol I have an opinion about everything. XX 🙂
        You’ll have to excuse me, but I’m too tired for any proofreading, as it’s 1:42 a.m. here. So, I hope I’m even making sense, and if I’m not, that would be why. 🙂

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      • Your so right xx and I like you your attitude is brilliant. Yes when people say ” oh you must be feeling better ” etc etc etc . I’m sure you have heard them all. They get from me ” actually no I’m still the same same aches and pains same rare lung disease but I need to get out . I will let you sleep xx sweet dreams my friend.

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      • Yep, sorry about that…………I did finally drift off for awhile. And, yes I’ve heard it all. I almost always remind them that NO I am not better, but I’m trying to make the best of it today. We have to try or we’ll become so weak we can’t get out of bed at all. I spend a lot of time in this bed. My muscles have atrophied……Gotta get back to my exercises for my arms and legs…’s just so hard when cramping and feeling like I’m going to throw up all the time. It’s hard to exercise while in the fetal position. lol I hope you had a “good” day. Take care. XX 🙂

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