mTOR Inhibitors for Lam



Your probably wondering what the heck the title of this post means.  As you know from my previous post, June is Lam Awareness Month.

Currently there is no cure for Lam.  There are some drugs they are trialling, these are called mTOR inhibitors.

These drugs they found had Immunosuppressive properties.  Rapamycin was found to have anti cancer activity.  Research into these drugs have also found that it halted  cellular proliferation and cell cycle progression .

It’s vital that we get diagnosed early so that treatment can start.

Treatment available for Lam Patients are:


mTor Inhibitors


Lung Transplant

My wish is that with all the research going on that a cure is found for Lam.


My next post will be how to diagnose Lam.


Have a great day…and you can share these posts on your page if you like.  We need awareness out there.

Thank you.


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