One Lovely Blog Award and the Liebster Award

I have been awarded 2 wonderful awards in the past week.  I am being a bit naughty and combining them both.   Those that I nominate you can choose to do both, one or none!  I like these awards as it gives me  a chance to say thank you for reading my blog.  So a huge THANK YOU to you all!  If I haven’t put your blog in the nominees you can still do the awards.  I love reading your blogs.  So keep writing all of you! Yes you!

I have been awarded  The “One Lovely Blog ” Award by the lovely Jen at  Jen gives  a spoonful of glitter with a touch of love on her blog.  Please check out her blog you wont be disappointed.



  • Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  • Post about the award
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate at most 15 other people
  • Tell your nominees the good news.

Seven Facts about Me

1  I am the youngest of four, 2 older sisters (they are part of this blog) and an older brother.

2. I was born Perth Western Australia.

3. As a child growing up in Perth we had so much freedom.  Not like it is now.  The boy up the road and I used to go to the swamp most days and catch Tadpoles.  There would have been snakes there, but we never saw one!  We played cricket in the street.

4 I have managed a cafe then  a restaurant, in Toowoomba Queensland.

5 I went to England when I was 16 with my Mum, this was eons ago.  The planes were not like they are now.  We stopped in India, however we were not allowed off the plane due to a cholera outbreak.  We were visiting Paula my sister.

6 I love to watch on TV : Miss Fisher Murder Mystery, Dr Blake Mysteries, Mike and Molly, House Husbands.  Cooking shows, House Shows. Game shows, lets face it I am a TV addict.

7  I love animals, I have 2 dogs right now. Sally 3 and Betty (my housemates dog ) but she is mine 🙂 is 7 months old.  As a child we had lots of cats, dogs, chickens, Kangaroo. Yes a Kangaroo.  Oh and my tadpoles that I caught.

The Liebster Award 

I was nominated by, and I thank you very much.  Please go and have a look at Audrey’s blog, a travel and lifestyle writer. Again you will not be dissapointed.

The Liebster Award is an award that exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

These are my questions from Audrey along with my answers.

What is the story behind your blog’s name?

We are 3 sisters Muriel, the eldest, Paula then Me Bree.  We were on our fist trip overseas together and we decided we would write about it.

Why did you start blogging?

On the cruise even from the first day the other passengers acted strange to us.  Not sure what was going on their heads as to who we were.  We don’t look-alike!  So we started making a plan of being famous and I said…Lets blog about it.  So we did!

What, according to you, is the best thing about blogging? 

Writing, I love to write. Also reading and cyber meeting others who love to blog.

What is/are your goal(s) for 2017?

Goals.  Not sure I actually never thought till this question was asked.  I suppose to be as well as I can. Enjoy life.

Where are you from and what is the most common Stereotype or misconception about your home/town/state/country.

I was born in Perth Western Australia, however right now I am living in country Victoria.  In a town called Shepparton.  It’s about 2 hours drive from Melbourne.  Biggest misconception is that kangaroos hop down our streets. They don’t!

What kind of traveler are you – spontaneous or planner?

I would love to be spontaneous however I have dogs to think of.  It’s not like Europe where you can take your pets with you to most places. Plus I have a few chronic illness that sometimes get in the way of life.  Good planning and I can achieve it.

Share your worst travel experience ever!

It would have to be the very long delay at Charles De Gaulle Airport last year.  6 hours sitting on the tarmac with little water.  There was a steering problem with the plane.  That wasnt the issue, it was the bad service and no water and bad food was the problem.

What is one important lesson you have learnt in your travels?

Have fun!



My nominees are: …drum roll


Now for your questions.

1  What inspired you to blog?

2 Where did your blog name come from?

3 Whats your favorite food of all time.

4. If you won a million dollars what would you do? Spend it, travel, save?

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

6. If you were granted 3 wishes what would they be?


Please also check out the nominees, they are all different and special to me.  I hope they will be for you also.



3 sisters abroad.



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